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Filing For Bankruptcy

Not everyone is good with money, and many people who have problems often end up so far in debt that they feel they have no choice. They go about filing for bankruptcy. This should always be a last resort, and it is not the quick fix that many people expect it to be. more...

Can We Avoid Bankruptcies?

The amount of bankruptcies in 2005 jumped almost 30% as people rushed to get their filings completed before the new laws took hold. Personal bankruptcies totaled almost 2.1 million across the country. Those statistics make it the largest number of bankruptcies filed in any 12 month period in our history. more...

Avoid Bankruptcy!

Have you read the latest information on bankruptcy? What so many individuals fail to notice is that declaring bankruptcy ruins your credit for a good seven years. Is that something you want to carry with you? I mean, seven years is a long time. I strongly recommend you to acquire further information on bankruptcy and avoid bankruptcy before going through with it. more...


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