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Compare Credit Card Rates - Find Low Rate Credit Card

If you are interested in opening a new credit account, you will definitely want to go online and compare credit card rates, in order to find low rate credit card. Check out new customer incentives offered by competing companies, like 0% balance transfer, free rewards programs, no annual fee, 0% introductory APR, and other features designed to get your attention. 

Everyone wants your business, and many offers have similar features, but it is the fine print you want to take special note. Credit card companies base your interest rate on your credit score, and the lower your score, the higher interest you will pay after the introductory period is over. Not everyone pays attention to the details, and that’s where the credit card companies get you. You don’t want to get caught up in a bogus credit card offer, only to find it has cost you more money in the long run to transfer balances. If you are carrying a higher percentage rates on existing credit card accounts, then you should definitely consider a balance transfer at a 0% interest rate. To compare credit card rates and offers from Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover, visit any number of sites, like,,, and many others. Simply apply for the credit card of your choice with links to easy application information. Companies usually respond quickly, in less than forty-eight hours for sure. Be careful as to the number of offers you respond to while you compare credit card rates. You may be applying for a card, or allowing the company to check your credit, and a lot of inquiries into your credit can count against you.  

Understand credit card basics, learn to use it wisely, and don’t get trapped by card debt. While you compare credit card rates and offers, read consumer and financial reviews about the best low interest cards and accounts that are charged no annual fee. Take your time while you compare credit card rates and decide which is the best for your personal situation. Consolidation of credit card debt is a common reason why many people choose to take advantage of tempting incentives like 0% balance transfer and 0% introductory period. Remember that to truly take advantage of these offers, pay the balance off quickly. It’s not enough just to transfer or charge onto a lower interest card, it needs to be paid with diligence to avoid the credit card nightmare.


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