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Entry Level Finance Jobs

After four long years of study, I recently graduated from college with a Bachelor's degree with a concentration in Finance. I was very excited that my academic career was finally over, and was even more excited to get started on my working career.

The only problem was that I didn't have a position lined up yet. I went to a small school, and not many corporate recruiters came through town to visit campus. So I had to take the initiative and start searching for entry level finance jobs on my own. With updated copies of my resume in both electronic and print form, I was ready to start applying for as many entry level finance jobs as I could find. Being a recent grad, I didn't really have too many requirements as far as working conditions went. I wanted a good starting salary, a competitive benefits package, and the opportunity for advancement after a few years of dedicated service. I was even willing to relocate for the right firm and wouldn't mind frequent travel. I made a decision at the outset to be flexible because I hoped I would have even more entry level finance jobs open to me that way.

The first leg of my search for entry level finance jobs involved the Internet. I signed up for several big recruitment websites in order to gain access to their listings of open positions. Whenever I came across an entry level finance job that sounded like a good fit, I applied immediately by submitting my electronic resume online. I tried to mix things up a bit by applying for entry level finance jobs at both large and small firms at locations both within and without my immediate geographic area. I was going for the scattershot approach in the hopes that I would hit something suitable.

But I didn't stop there. I also decided to register with a couple of employment agencies that specialized in placing their clients in entry level finance jobs. This option involved a fee both at the time of registration and in the event that I ended up securing an entry level finance job through the agency. I didn't mind this part, however, because the employment agency would be doing all the groundwork for me. If they found a couple of entry level finance jobs for me, I would at least be guaranteed an interview and would therefore have a much better chance of getting hired than if I simply sent in a resume.

It's only been about a week since I started searching for entry level finance jobs, but I already have several solid prospects in the works. I have three in-person interviews scheduled in the next few days, plus a phone interview with an out-of-state firm. With this kind of response rate, I'm confident that I'll be able to find an entry level finance job very soon!


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