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International Money Orders

When buying something from another country, you have to worry about currency conversion and how you are going to pay for the item. If you have a credit card, this is not usually a problem. Many credit cards can be used for international transactions, and many will do the currency conversion for you. If you don’t want to use a credit card, however, you may have to find someone who has international money orders.

International money orders can be hard to find because many people don’t like dealing with them. I once used one to buy something from Australia, and I later found out that the seller had to pay twenty dollars in fees just to cash it. Had I known, I would have added the amount to my total when I made my order. Because the seller was such a sweetheart, they covered the cost themselves, and sent me my order. When I offered to pay the fee for them, they politely refused and told me not to worry about it. However, this person may be one of the kind, because you may find that many people refuse to accept international money orders.

You may be able to find international money orders at your bank, but you should know that many places don’t have them. In some cases, you may be asked to buy international money orders in the other country’s currency, and this is even harder to find. The international money orders you find at banks will usually only be available in US currency. If you need one in another currency, you may have to call around before you find someone who can do this for you.

There are other options to consider if you don’t want to go through the hassle of using international money orders, but you also don’t want to use a credit card. You can use Western Union or another wire transfer company to send money almost anywhere in the world. Just make sure you are not falling for a scam if someone suggests this to you. When you wire money, it is hard to prove you did indeed send the money, and you may get taken for a ride. Make sure the seller you are dealing with is legitimate before you make your transaction.



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