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Find a Bad Credit Personal Loan with a Low Fixed Rate

Don't you just love credit? Initially the problem is you don't have any. Then you finally built up credit. Then down the road you realize that your credit is not as good as it used to be. Maybe it was trashed during a nasty divorce. Or maybe you screwed something up by gambling. A whole slew of potential possibilities are out there just waiting to mess with you. By this time, you're in the hole because of debt, and you need to find a way out of the mess you've sadly created. It's probably time for a bad credit personal loan with a low fixed rate. more...

Get Your Credit Report Free Online

Were you aware that you could attain your credit report free online? Yes indeed, this is a big thing now days. If you haven't seen the ads and pitches for this on TV, then you may be living under a rock somewhere. Now, the question arises of what is a credit report and why do you care to take the time to look at yours? more...

American Express Credit Card

Getting a credit card is almost indispensable today. Why, since I canceled my American Express credit card, I have been unable to partake of a wide variety of goods and services, and that is no joke. more... 

Cash Back Credit Cards

Most online purchases will only accept plastic transactions and you will often find the need for this type of payment for things like car rentals. Why not earn some money on your purchases. Cash back credit cards provide a great way for you to get a little something back from your transactions. more...

Do You Really Need a Personal Budget Planner?

You've seen all the plans for personal budget planners. It's as if the coolness of the device will somehow give you more money in the pocket. You've probably seen the ones for excel, which plot out pie charts, bar charts, neat tables, and everything else. But no matter how much frosting you put on top, it doesn't make the cake have more dough. It isn't about how the personal budget planner looks, it’s about using it. more...

Compare Credit Card Rates - Find Low Rate Credit Card

If you are interested in opening a new credit account, you will definitely want to go online and compare credit card rates, in order to find low rate credit card. Check out new customer incentives offered by competing companies, like 0% balance transfer, free rewards programs, no annual fee, 0% introductory APR, and other features designed to get your attention. more...

Low Interest Debt Consolidation Companies

None of us want debt. However, the majority of us have to grapple with it on a daily basis. Furthermore, it's generally quite a bit of debt. Now, what should you do about this common, yet horrific affliction? Well, it's rather simple to put it bluntly. You need to check into low interest debt consolidation. You may not be able to literally make that debt disappear, but you can better the situation. more...

How To Eliminate Credit Card Debt Legally

I am absolutely determined to eliminate credit card debt before it controls our lives. It has for this long and I have grown way too tired of it. Some friends of ours filed for bankruptcy right before the laws changed. That was their easy way to eliminate credit card debt. I personally could not do that. I have maintained an excellent credit score for this many years and I take pride in that. I have chosen to take responsibility for and eliminate my credit card debt legally the traditional way. more...

Car Loan For People With Bad Credit

If you are in the market for a new vehicle you know that you will most likely have to finance the purchase. You may also know that when getting a car loan bad credit can really get in your way. However, you can find financing through the right institution and you can be on you way to getting your new vehicle in little time. more...

15 Year Fixed Mortgage Rates

It is important to remember that you want to make sure that the interest rate doesn’t change over the course of the loan. Many lenders offer deals that are too good to be true. This means that they actually are too good to be true. Loans that have 15 year fixed mortgage rates maintain the same amount of interest throughout the life of the loan. This is beneficial for any of us who don’t like surprises. more...

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