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What Is Considered A Good Credit Score

Credit is somewhat of a mysterious entity. In all honesty I really don't think most people know how it works. For example, do you know when you first started to build credit?

The first thing I applied for was a gas card when I was 18 years old. This began the process for me. Down the road I acquired a credit card. Since I paid it off every month, my credit began to build. Then a few years later I purchased furniture, but couldn't pay for it all at once. No problem! I didn't have to. I had some established credit so they let me pay monthly installments. This is how credit works.

Now I am buying a home. As you proceed forward in life, your credit builds. Well, that is of course unless you fail to pay for things. This can ruin your credit. The last thing you want is a bad credit score. This can make it difficult for you to purchase large ticket items such as a home or car. No one will trust you. So, do you know what is considered a good credit score? It's simple to find out.

When someone asks you what is considered a good credit score, just say something high. The higher the better. I like to tell folks that my credit score is in the billions. They look at me like an escaped mental patient, but it's all in good fun. But seriously, you do want your credit score to be high, rather than pathetically low. If you have no idea where you stand regarding credit issues and credit scores, you can find out. Now days there are tons of valuable information on the World-Wide-Web concerning good and bad credit. Want to know what is considered a good credit score? Get online and find out in seconds. Take full advantage of the free websites that can easily provide you with your credit score. However, you'll want to have that credit card ready, because these "free websites" typically want you to enter your credit card information. Now, if this sounds bogus to you, I believe you can request a credit score free each year via telephone. Get online and find out who to contact for yours. I know what is considered a good credit score these days. Do you?

It's time to play a more active role in your financial affairs. Use your Internet service today and find out what is considered a good credit score, and what yours currently is. You never know; someone may be damaging your credit as we speak.


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